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intermedio poems and etudes

October 29, 2016


A piano concert featuring sound-responsive lighting and projections. An evening of surprising music and engrossing visual displays. 

This concert was presented in collaboration with Justin West and Sam Ferris-Morris of Intermedio and Knee Play, and featured the visual stylings of artists Lizzy DuQuette, Kate Cunningham, Rob Wolpert, and Ingrid Alexandra Schmidt.



Aurie Hsu - Lullaby for Morning

Sullivan Boecker - from one and the same

Tyler Eschendal - Lamb

Marc Mellits - Agu
II. The Triumph of the Water Witch
III. You're a Fake!

John Adams - Road Movies with Violinist Walter Park
III. 40% Swing


Michael Fiday - 9 Haiku (with flutist Nave Graham)
Elliot Cooper Cole - Facets

Phillip Roberts - Funk Etudes
Hocket Rocket

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